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Your inventory

Never Run Out of Wholesale Used Cell Phones

With PhoneX Connect, you can connect to your supplier and start selling their inventory as your own, on your private, branded storefront.

Your supplier's inventory

PhoneX Connect
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The future of the used cell phone distributor has arrived. Try PhoneX Connect today.


Sell under your own brand


24/7 access to stock


Invite only, totally encrypted

The way people sell used cell phones wholesale is never going to be the same — PhoneX Conect is vastly superior to preselling inventory through spreadsheets.

Used cell phone distributors have only so much time in the day. There’s a constant need to find quality phones, in the right quantity, at the right price. Then, you have to create listings to sell each phone, and negotiate with buyers on price. All this takes critical time away from growing your wholesale used cell phone business and selling phones online. 

How much would your business grow if you had endless inventory so that every buyer could find the models they’re looking for in your online store? 

What if you didn’t have to buy your inventory before you found a buyer? How much would that improve your cash flow?

And what if you could pull listings directly from your supplier to sell online and create your own custom markups?

PhoneX Connect offers all these features and more. It’s unquestionably the best platform to sell phones online.  Book a demo to see how it all works for your business.

PhoneX Connect features

Are you a large supplier? If you're interested in becoming a PhoneX Connect supplier, contact us.

Choose your supplier's stock to list.
Choose your supplier
PhoneX Connect Markup page
Sell first, buy later.

Choose the suppliers whose stock you want to sell on consignment, and optionally connect your own inventory.

Mark up prices for your supplier's inventory by price band, using percentage or value amounts.

Your supplier's inventory will display on your stock list, where your customers can browse, offer, and buy. 

Sell while you sleep.

You get PhoneX Storefront with PhoneX Connect. With your branded selling site, you'll increase inventory turns and margin, with fewer headaches and sales reps.

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PhoneX Connect onboarding

Get up and running on PhoneX Connect in as little as a day

It's quick and easy to get started with PhoneX Connect. Connect to your supplier's inventory right away, and connect your own inventory if and when you want to.

Contact our team.

Get your site.

Connect inventory.

Start selling.

Four years ago, we were funding the business with credit cards and a 17% loan. We got out of this spiral only because we were able to dramatically increase our inventory turns and our margins by using PhoneX. Our margins increased from about 8% to 12%, and inventory turns went up from about once a month to almost twice a month. This meant everything to the business, and today, we self finance.”

Business owner*

*We take privacy seriously. Your customers are your business.
This quote is anonymous, because we don't list our partners, either. 

Want to know more?

Set up a demo and we will show you exactly how PhoneX solutions can turn your business into a growth engine. Stop leaving money on the table today.

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