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Leapfrog your competition. Get instant access to many more higher-paying buyers than you could reach through traditional marketing efforts.

Your resellers de-risk and grow. Resellers can market and presell phones without the risk of buying and holding inventory.

Increase retention. Customer loyalty increases among resellers that are tied directly into your inventory.

More competition. You'll get more offers, which drives selling prices up.

Total control. You choose which customers resell your product.


Unlock Next-Level Growth

PhoneX Connect is a plug-in that allows your buyers to list your inventory under their own brands, on their private Storefronts, so you can exponentially increase your distribution.

PhoneX Connect

Higher selling prices

Instant army of sales reps

Around-the-clock sales

Increased customer loyalty

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PhoneX Connect icon
PhoneX Connect icon
PhoneX Connect icon
PhoneX Connect icon

Exponentially expand your reach.

Access the highest-paying buyers by reaching deeper into the supply chain. Learn more >

You can't see your resellers' encrypted customer information, which protects your resellers.

Tap into your resellers' customer base without additional compliance burden. Learn more >

Increase customer retention and loyalty among resellers that are tied directly into your inventory.

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Dramatically expand your reach with an army of reps selling your devices 24/7

Expand reach

Exponentially expand your reach

PhoneX Connect allows you to grow exponentially by leveraging each of your current customers as a node in a global virtual distribution network.

For example, if an enterprise distributor invited 100 customers to resell its inventory, and each reseller had 50 small buyers, the enterprise could reach 5,000 additional buyers overnight.





Buyers per reseller


Potential expanded reach



No added compliance burden

PhoneX Connect gives you the benefit of an expanded distribution network without the related compliance burdens.


Connect simply provides a feed of inventory for your Resellers to remarket. You will continue to sell and ship to your existing customers, who remain your customers of record. Resellers must sign reseller agreements that protect you from downstream activity, and you can optionally add additional supplier policies that resellers must agree to.

You will have no access or visibility to the end buyer. End buyer information is totally encrypted, and not even PhoneX has access to it.

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How it works

Seller invitations

1. Invite your customers to resell your inventory.

You choose which customers to invite.

Your resellers receive a private invitation to resell your stock.

Resellers work with PhoneX to set up their branded storefronts.

2. Share stock with your resellers.

Share all your inventory or select certain items and quantities.

Once you share the stock, it will be available for resellers to list.

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3. Resellers set up their Storefronts and list your inventory as their own.

Resellers name their warehouses, relabel grades according to their own grading scales, and mark up their prices.

Resellers select some or all of the stock you have shared with them to list on their Storefront at a markup.

Your customers can market and presell phones without the risk of buying and holding inventory.

Want to know more?

Set up a demo to see how PhoneX Connect can dramatically expand your distribution and increase profitability.

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