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Sell Devices in Your Sleep

PhoneX is a private, branded Storefront where pre-owned device wholesalers can list their inventory and their supplier's inventory as their own.

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Inventory turns

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3X Customers
per sales rep

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3%-5% Margin increase

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Integrates with
all major ERPs

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Billions of dollars 
in devices sold

An online Storefront for device resellers

PhoneX is the leading ecommerce platform specific to the pre-owned device ecosystem. ​PhoneX is not a marketplace where your customers can also buy from your competitors. It is your privately branded online Storefront, where you own your customers and maximize profits.

PhoneX Stock List
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Sell under your own brand while increasing selling prices and velocity

Your customer information is totally encrypted.

List your inventory and invite buyers, who can buy at list price or make offers on inventory, 24/7.

Easily negotiate offers through the platform, so you won't have to go back and forth on What'sApp all day. 

Get all the backend tools you'll need to manage your wholesale mobile phone sales.

Buyers can complete orders online without ever talking to a sales person, freeing up your sales staff to spend time talking to large customers and growing the business. 

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Never run out of inventory again

PhoneX Connect is a plug-in for PhoneX Storefront that allows you to pull your favorite supplier's inventory into your site and sell it as your own.

Your inventory

Your supplier's inventory on your Stock List

PhoneX Connect
Reseller and supplier warehouses
PhoneX Connect
PhoneX Connect

Your Stock List 

How PhoneX benefits your wholesale business 

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Sell to more customers without more sales reps

Increase your ASPs by letting smaller customers self-serve 24 hours a day.

One sales rep can only handle so many customers. Leverage software designed precisely for your smaller buyers to shop, make offers, and purchase devices. Then you and your reps can focus on just your largest customers while you free up cash flow.

Make better decisions

You'll wonder how you managed before without SKU-level profitability data.

  • Set prices in real time to maximize profits and inventory turns. 

  • Know exactly how many days it will take for you to sell out of each model and color.  


  • ​Historical offer data helps you negotiate to maximize selling prices. 

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PhoneX Storefront daily stock reports

Offload low-value tasks

It's easy to get lost in the day to day in this business, but when you lose sight of all the time wasted, you're losing money.

PhoneX frees up your time by automating the most tedious parts of the selling process so you can work on growing the business.

Your data is totally encrypted & protected

PhoneX can't even access your data.

Connect your customer data to a private encrypted database, accessible only by you. We engaged third-party auditors that can attest to the fact that your customer data is safe and encrypted.

Data security

Use the latest technology to surpass your competitors

The most profitable cell phone wholesalers use software to manage inventory and make sales. PhoneX is the result of a $25M+ investment into developing software that meets the specific needs of cell phone wholesalers.

Never run out of inventory again

Connect to your supplier's stock, set your markup, and start selling the inventory as your own.

Know your profitability at every second of the day

Industry-specific data & tools are proven to get you higher ASPs and faster turns.

Serve 3X the customers without more sales reps

Improve cash flow, offload low-value work & focus on growing your business.

Four years ago, we were funding the business with credit cards and a 17% loan. We got out of this spiral only because we were able to dramatically increase our inventory turns and our margins by using PhoneX. Our margins increased from about 8% to 12%, and inventory turns went up from about once a month to almost twice a month. This meant everything to the business, and today, we self finance.”

Business owner*

*We take privacy seriously. Your customers are your business. This quote is anonymous, because we don't list our partners, either. 

I woke up on Monday morning with $100K in sales in my name, and I didn't even have to speak to these customers. Three years ago, I didn’t even speak to customers who wanted to buy less than 20 devices. I just didn’t have time. Now I can sell to about 3 times the number of customers."

Sales rep

What to know more?

Set up a demo and we will show you exactly how PhoneX solutions can help you make more money.

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