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Sell Your Supplier's Inventory as Your Own

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Sell under your own brand

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24/7 access to inventory

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Invite only, totally encrypted

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Keep customers coming back

Your inventory

Your supplier's inventory on your Stock List

PhoneX Connect
Reseller and supplier warehouses
PhoneX Connect
PhoneX Connect

Your Stock List 


PhoneX Connect is a plug-in that allows you to list your supplier's stock, at a guaranteed markup, on your private, branded Storefront 

You can pick and choose devices to supplement your own inventory, or list everything your supplier has available.

The devices will all look like yours, with your grades. 

With your steady wholesale phone supply, customers will keep coming back instead of going around you to your supplier.

Sell first, buy later.

Choose the suppliers whose stock you want to sell on consignment, and optionally list your own inventory.

Mark up prices for your supplier's inventory by price band, using percentage or value amounts.

Your supplier's inventory will display on your Stock List, where your customers can browse, offer, and buy. 

PhoneX Storefront
Choose your supplier's stock to list.
Choose your supplier
PhoneX Connect Markup page

Sell while you sleep.

You get PhoneX Storefront with PhoneX Connect. With your branded Stock List, you'll increase inventory turns and margin, with fewer headaches and sales reps.

PhoneX Connect features

Get up and running on PhoneX Connect in as little as a day

It's quick and easy to get started with PhoneX Connect. Get wholesale phone supply by connecting to your supplier's inventory. List your own inventory if and when you want to.

Contact our team.

Get your site.

Connect inventory.

Start selling.

Want to know more?

Set up a demo to see how PhoneX Connect can help you never run out of devices to sell.

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