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Maximize Prices and De-risk with PhoneX Storefront

PhoneX Storefront is the industry-leading platform for enterprise distributors and resellers to maximize the value and selling velocity of their pre-owned inventory.

PhoneX Stock List
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Allow buyers to self-serve

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Increase prices by 3%-5%

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Stock List is always up to date

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Custom-branded site​

PhoneX Storefront features

Real-time online Stock List

Allow your buyers to browse, buy, and make offers 24/7.

Automatic stock alerts

Show testing & grading info

Multiple payment methods

Automatic daily stock email

Never double-sell stock

Highly customizable

PhoneX Stock List

Additional sales channels are available to enterprise clients. See Auctions and open PO system.

PhoneX Pricing Page

“We know our profitability every second of the day. If you don’t know how much money you are making, how do you optimize your selling prices?”

Business owner

Intelligent pricing

Know exactly what you’re making on every SKU and grade every second of the day with analytics.

See SKU-level profitability

See margins across grades

Competitive edge on pricing

Instantly change list prices

See what's moving too slow

Full picture of profitability

Offer clearing

With all your offers in one place, you'll always know exactly where the market is.

See all your offers on one dashboard.

Data helps you make smart decisions about offers.

Accept, reject & counter offers in real time.

Buyers like not having to wait for a sales rep.

PhoneX Offer Clearing Page
PhoneX Order Page

Buyer & order management

PhoneX handles all of the tasks you do every day and automates away all of the headaches.

Manage your customers and your orders.

Let customers download their IMEI manifests and invoices 24/7.

Let customers add to or modify their own orders.

Customize settings to match your order and fulfillment statuses.

Connect via spreadsheet upload or API to your ERP, warehouse management or accounting system.

Virtual inventory

Increase inventory turns by creating virtual warehouses to sell wholesale cell phones that will be available soon.

Buyers see virtual inventory as a separate warehouse on the Stock List.

The system automatically creates orders as inventory comes in.

Allow operations to ship items before having to stock them.

Specify shipping and fulfillment times.

Virtual Inventory
Machine Learning

Machine learning

Non-linear algorithms analyze millions of data points on demand, availability, and purchasing to recommend pricing and offer clearing decisions.

It took 3 years and a team of data scientists to develop these decision-tree-based ensemble algorithms.

The algorithms predict optimal prices and offer-clearing decisions with 85%-90% accuracy.

The system points out opportunities to increase prices while balancing selling velocity, and to reduce prices when selling velocity will have more economic impact.

The algorithm recommends whether to accept or counter an offer, based on availability, offer amount, and recent demand data.

Easy content management

Use a simple program to manage your brand and the content you want on your customizable storefront site.

Display your testing & grading.

Make changes on the fly.

Customize your site with your brand and logo.

Describe your offerings.

Host your terms & policies.

Grow YOUR brand.

Landing page

Fully encrypted & secure

We are serious about security. We know your customers are your business. We follow top security practices, verified by an independent technology security auditor. Want to know more? Contact us >

Your customer data is always encrypted and secure.

We engaged third-party auditors that can attest to our security.

The PhoneX team can't access your customer information.



Auction channel

Run periodic auctions to drive real-time competition and higher prices when liquidating wholesale cell phones.

The system auto-increments buyer bids up to a maximum bid.

Popcorn functionality automatically extends bidding times in the final minutes.

Easily build auctions with any number of lots.

Stagger lot closing times individually or in groups.

Exercise full control over awarding lots and modifying winners or prices.

Enterprise channels


Open PO system

Presell agreed-upon inventory quantities to select buyers and manage allocations to these buyers automatically.

Enter purchase commitments from buyers for set periods or date ranges.

Automatically reserve a specified percentage of new inventory for PO buyers, so you can honor your presale deals and keep buyers happy.

Seamlessly allocate inventory as it comes in to multiple buyers across hundreds of SKUs to ensure that buyers receive fair, consistent allocations based on PO awards.

PhoneX Storefront onboarding

Three ways to connect your systems to PhoneX Storefront

Contact our sales team to find out which onboarding path is best for you.

Connect to your existing ERP, accounting system, or warehouse management system via API.

If you operate with spreadsheets, use PhoneX's built-in tools to easily upload your files and sync your data.

Use PhoneX as your system of record for inventory, customers, and orders.

“Do you remember when the Dubai and Hong Kong markets collapsed in 2018? We almost went bankrupt. From then on, we realized how important it was for us to watch our data closely and to diversify our customer base. Today, we know the second a single SKU is moving too slow, and no customer accounts for a high percentage of our business. That's the only way to stay ahead in this business.”


*We take privacy seriously. Your customers are your business. This quote is anonymous, because we don't list our partners, either. 

“Four years ago, we had five reps, and we were managing half of the number of customers that we manage today with two reps. These savings alone were worth hundreds of thousands of dollars a year to the company. Why would you pay people to do low-value activities that you can accomplish with technology?”

Sales rep

Want to know more?

Set up a demo to see how PhoneX solutions can turn your business into a growth engine.

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