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Your Business Isn't Generic. Why Should Your Software Be?

The wholesale phone industry doesn't fit neatly into a box. ​Here's how PhoneX is tailored to your needs.

PhoneX offer clearing page

Device resale isn't just like any other business

PhoneX spent $25M+ developing solutions for the wholesale phone industry, because what we needed wasn't out there.

How our industry is different

How we solve that

Selling phones wholesale is highly capital intensive. Capital constraints often limit your ability to grow the business.

PhoneX Storefront is proven to get higher selling prices and faster inventory turns - which means better cashflow.

With PhoneX Connect, larger suppliers can expand distribution and turn inventory more rapidly, which improves cash flow. Resellers can leverage the capital investment of their suppliers to pre-sell inventory and potentially collect cash before purchasing from their suppliers.

PhoneX Storefront

PhoneX Connect

Quality isn't standard, so it's important to clearly describe your device grades to buyers.

With PhoneX Storefront, display grades and descriptions directly in your Stock List.

Get your own site where you can add grading information. 

On PhoneX Connect, you can use your supplier's grades or relabel your supplier's grades to match your grading.

Getting reliable, quality supply is key to operating a successful device resale business, but the availability and quality of the supply are often highly inconsistent.

PhoneX Storefront allows you to provide 24/7 access to your inventory so that you can be their most reliable supplier. You can also provide information on your testing and grading standards.

PhoneX Connect enables resellers to access consistent, quality supply from their trusted suppliers. Suppliers, in turn, can greatly expand their distribution and increase customer loyalty by recruiting their top resellers to resell their inventory.

Prices depreciate rapidly and fluctuate from week to week, so it's incredibly important to monitor prices and inventory turns.

With PhoneX Storefront, you can see real-time data on your margins.

View historical offers and bookings on every SKU.

PhoneX Connect allows resellers to sell before they buy, which reduces the risk of holding inventory.

Get pricing & offer-clearing recommendations from machine learning algorithms.

Buyers rarely buy at list price. They want to negotiate.

PhoneX Storefront allows buyers to purchase at list price or make offers online.

On PhoneX Connect, suppliers approve  prices, above which resellers have full control to negotiate with buyers. 

Instead of negotiating all day on WhatsApp, you can accept, reject or counter offers directly in PhoneX.

Buyers like a personal touch, so the sales process needs to be both online and offline.

With PhoneX Storefront, smaller buyers can self-serve.

All buyers can view and manage their orders online.  

PhoneX Connect resellers can still create orders for their buyers and provide the same level of white-glove service that larger buyers are used to.

Your time frees up to provide personalized service to larger customers.

How PhoneX compares to other solutions

See how out-of-the-box e-commerce or ERP systems really can't get the job done on their own. 

Why PhoneX?

Billions of dollars in devices have been sold through PhoneX. Some of the largest players in the industry are using the software. Smaller companies are using it to grow, and larger companies are using it to reach more and more customers.

Increase device margin by 30%-40%

Reduce time-wasting activities

Serve 3X the customers without more sales reps

Other options

How PhoneX compares

Out-of-the-box shopping platforms can seem like a good solution to sell used phones online, but many times,  buyers end up calling the rep anyway to get a better price.

ERP systems are great for tracking your inventory and providing accounting information, but they aren't sales platforms. The good news: You can keep your ERP system and take advantage of PhoneX Storefront and PhoneX Connect.

Many companies use spreadsheets to manage their customers, pricing, and more.

Buyers can buy at list price and/or make offers online

Buyers can add to and place their own orders

Your reps can also place orders for customers

Easily accept, reject, and counter offers online

Ensure reps don't underprice items

We offer API connectors to ERP systems. We also provide documentation and guidance if you want to develop your own API connection. Book a demo to see which type of onboarding is best for you >>

Collect and respond to offers

Sell to more customers with fewer employees

Get instant data on how much you are making on each SKU

Analyze data on your profitability

You can still use spreadsheets with PhoneX Storefront by easily uploading and syncing inventory, customers and pricing.

Easily export information to manage in your other systems

Avoid double-selling

Capture purchase data and offers in real time

Use real-time data to understand your profitability & make better decisions

Why Now?

Nothing ever stays the same in this industry. The companies that survive will invest now for the future.

We think that the key to staying in the wholesale phone business is to grow your customer base, fast. It can take years to grow a solid customer base, so we believe that it is important to invest now in automation so you can focus on it. Ask yourself these questions when considering whether PhoneX solutions are right for your business.

If you could increase your selling prices by 2%-3%, how much more profit would flow to your bottom line? 

If you could free up 50% of your time to focus on value-adding activities like purchasing and selling, would you be able to generate higher profits?

If your competitors invest in automation and you do not, how will this affect your business?

If prices continue to get more competitive in this industry, as we believe they will, and you do not invest in growing your customer base and sourcing consistent supply, how will you secure supply next year and the year after?

Given this, doesn’t it make sense to get ahead of the competition and invest in technology today?

​“Some people use ERPs like Netsuite e-Commerce, but customers can't bid. They have to buy at list, so they either just leave the website if they don’t like the price or they call up the reps anyway. The platform can also create a report for pretty much everything under the sun. But people I've talked to don't use any of them. The reason is you need a PhD to create the reports."

PhoneX sales rep

"The benefit of using PhoneX is that when you log in, you will see only the information that will help you drive up your profitability. At the end of the day, you just need to see all of your sales, offers, and inventory data in one place, and you need to be able to react to customer offers and changing market prices in real time. ERP systems don’t let you do this.”

PhoneX sales rep

"One person I talked to said that only about 10% of his sales go through Shopify without a sales rep's involvement. He said his sales reps resisted using the site, because they ended up having to spend more time modifying the orders after customers placed them than if the reps just placed the order for the customer, so it wasn't worth the time."

PhoneX sales rep

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